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This is how the Law of Attraction really works.

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

The Law of Attraction, The Success Coach

There is no need to get disillusioned because true love hasn’t arrived yet.  Its a process and it takes time.  However, many aren’t willing to wait and end up settling for less because of fear.

I deal with many coaching clients who are desperately seeking that special someone to love.  They impose a time limit on their search and as the limit approaches, they start lowering their standards and making mistakes.  This is when they start blaming society and others for letting them down.  Deep inside many blame themselves for somehow messing it up.  Usually the lessons they take from the experience are focused on the things they should avoid next time – things like trusting or being open and honest.  Beautiful attributes that they are afraid to express because they don’t want to be hurt – yet again.  However, these are the qualities that their special someone is still searching for.  So how will their soulmate recognize them when they cross paths?   That’s why its important to take away positive lessons from negative experiences.  These bad experiences are meant to point us in the right direction, not to scare us into hiding.

There is someone out there with a key to your heart.  But first you have to love yourself and feel worthy of being loved by the right person.  Don’t give up, you’re worth it!

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