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3 Tips to Meet Smart, Sexy & Spiritual Men

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Smart, Sexy, Spiritual Men - The Success Coach

Some women have an easy time meeting men that are balanced, connected to a higher purpose and healthy.

Other women complain about men and keep on meeting men that are just not desirable. Have you ever thought about how your thoughts and beliefs about men are actually creating your reality about the type of men that flow into your life? Are your thoughts and beliefs attracting what you desire?

Today, I offer a solution to many of the women who have recently come into my life with doubt, resistance and frustration towards believing me when I say, “There are plenty of sexy, spiritual and smart men out there!”

“Oh, I find that very hard to believe Michelle,” is what I hear back when I make that comment with 100% confidence. You see, I used to believe the same old lie, that only further perpetuates that belief! As soon as I changed my beliefs, I changed my reality, and I started attracting all these beautiful and balanced male friends in my life.

Employ these three simple steps to start meeting sexy, spiritual and smart men. (Are you ready for the ONE?)

1. Believe to receive.

Ask yourself: If you were in the presence of that ideal man, what qualities would he possess, what would he look and feel like? How would you feel in his presence? To the degree that this is difficult to see and feel, is to the degree that you will be able to create that reality.

2. Appreciate all men for all their unique gifts that they bring to your life.

Be grateful for all the not-so enlightened men that have crossed paths with you. Every experience is divine and brought to us so we can learn and grow. This means, appreciate the players, the ones who can’t commit and even the ones who cheated. This contrast helps you to know even more clearly what you truly like and desire.

3. See yourself as sexy, spiritual and smart, NOW! Remember that the laws of attraction cause us to bring into our lives the mirror reflection of who we are. Therefore, it is all about you, right now! BE your own greatest version of yourself. You are actually ALWAYS beautiful and whole; that is your true nature. Let go of all the resentment of the past by forgiving every person that has hurt you. This way you don’t come into a relationship with old baggage, and you can actually enjoy your next relationship from a place of feeling light and renewed. Nurture your whole being every day; live your life filled with passion. See yourself as beautiful from the inside out.  Master the art of dating yourself, and voila, I assure you will meet a very special man. He may not be Mr. Perfect, but he may just be what you need right NOW.

Written by Michelle Alva for MindBodyGreen, see the original article at

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